Top Ten Brands of China's Resilient Flooring Industry in 2020

Qin Li - Top Ten Brands of China's Resilient Flooring Industry in 2020

The 2nd World Resilient Flooring Conference and the 2020 Resilient Flooring Association Member Congress

It was successfully held in Shanghai on December 9, 2020,

Under the background of my country's "export to domestic sales" construction as the commander and the construction of a new pattern of comprehensive opening up,

The elastic floor industry is struggling to write a beautiful picture of the integration and development of the industry,

Jointly create new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models, and promote the global development of the elastic flooring industry. 

At the same time, build a communication platform, actively explore innovation, and connect domestic and foreign needs;

Combining the innovation and development of the elastic floor industry, the organization planning, design, standards, testing, certification, green evaluation and other service sectors are in line with foreign standards.

This conference is the best display window for the elastic flooring industry, and it is the best platform for China's elastic flooring industry to be known to the industry at home and abroad.

The host of this meeting is Mr. Zuo Wen, the former well-known anchor of Beijing TV station.

Guests attending the conference were: Wang Baoxiang, executive vice president and secretary general of China Building Decoration Materials Association,

Gong Kangkang, Managing Director of informa Markets China, Xu Ningning, Executive Chairman of the China-ASEAN Business Council,

Li Bingdi, Director of the Village and Town Construction Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Vice Chairman of China Urbanization Promotion Association,

Shaji Ravendran, representative of the American Resilient Flooring Association, Lian Zhengbao, former Chinese ambassador to Namibia,

Dong Jinyi, former Chinese ambassador to Italy and Switzerland, former Chinese ambassador to Belarus, Tajikistan,

Wu Hongbin, Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Yan Yifeng, Chairman of Shenzhen Zhihai Industrial Co., Ltd.,

Wang Man, general manager of Jilin Lanhu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Song Jincheng, president of China Building Decoration Materials Association Resilient Floor Branch,

More than 300 people attended the conference, including Chairman Li Derong, Chairman Shi Maoqing, Chairman Jin Feng, Secretary-General Ma Jin and employees of the elastic flooring industry.

Special broadcast. After the conference, the guests and representatives participated in the grand and grand award ceremony. At the ceremony, companies with outstanding contributions and outstanding performance in the industry were commended.