TSINLY · China's rubber flooring pioneer

TSINLY, founded in 1969, is a leading brand in China's rubber flooring industry. It has three major production bases in China. Adhering to the concept of "not forgetting the original intention and forging ahead, to be the best rubber flooring brand in the world", it persistently provides customers with comfort. , Environmental protection, fashion, high-quality rubber flooring products.

In the future, TSINLY will continue to surpass, continue to focus on and adhere to the high standards of the rubber industry for half a century, while maintaining the absolute leading edge in design and production, and provide customers with a systematic set of production, learning, research, after-sales and service solutions. plan.

As the drafting unit of the national rubber flooring industry standard, TSINLY took the lead in proposing the manufacturing concept of technology, fashion and standardization, creating an internationally renowned world brand with innovative products, and winning the world's attention for China's rubber flooring industry!



TSINLY TECHNOLOGIES CO,LTD is an environmental protection emerging industry platform specializing in the production of rubber flooring and other green environmental protection materials. It integrates R&D, production, sales and construction. It is currently one of the most influential and valuable comprehensive service integrators in China. one.

The company's two rubber floor production bases:

TSINLY Shaanxi production base is the leading enterprise with the largest scale and the most complete specifications and varieties of rubber flooring in China, with an annual production capacity of over 1 million square meters.

TSINLY Beijing production base, specializing in special rubber flooring.

Shaanxi TSINLY Rubber Co., Ltd.

It is the first drafting unit of the national rubber flooring industry standard (2004 edition and 2011 edition). It has 9 series and more than 30 kinds of products, and some products are the first in China. It is the largest rubber floor production base with the most complete specifications and varieties in China. . Over the years, the company's products have been widely used in hospitals, schools, airports, exhibition halls, power plants, transportation and other places.

Beijing Suntec Co., Ltd.

It is a rubber floor production base featuring special rubber floors. It is one of the backbone enterprises integrating research, development, design, production and sales of elastic rubber floors in my country. Nursing care floors, blind road rubber tiles, rubber threshold stones, etc. are all pioneered in China. They are not only widely used in China, but also well received by the market in the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions.


China TSINLY 50 Years of Brand Inheritance


The company has reached a cooperation agreement with Meinian Great Health and Xi'an International Medical. The annual order volume of the two projects is more than 200,000 square meters, which shows the company's high-quality service level and excellent technical strength for large-scale projects.


Established Shenzhen Qinli Ring Material Technology Co., Ltd. Focus on the operation of the Qinli brand and the marketing and promotion of the products produced by all the factories of the Qinli brand


Wholly-owned acquisition of PVC floor production factory Qinli Environmental Protection Building Materials Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.


Won the bid for the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital project, breaking the pattern of foreign brands monopolizing the Shenzhen market in one fell swoop


Became the first batch of enterprises awarded the "Top Ten Brands of China's Elastic Floor Materials" issued by the China Elastic Floor Materials Association


Leading the drafting of the second edition of the national standard for rubber flooring and applying it so far


Invested nearly 100 million yuan to build a new plant covering an area of 30,000 square meters to expand production capacity.Became the first rubber flooring manufacturer in China with a production capacity of 1 million square meters per year


Won the bid for the China National Science and Technology Museum project, and took the lead in applying it to national-level large-scale projects among domestic rubber brands


Successfully developed and became the first factory in China to mass-produce 1mx1m sheets


Leading the drafting of the first edition of the national standard for rubber flooring


Became the supplier of North Sichuan Medical College Became the first domestic brand in China to apply rubber flooring to large projects over 20,000 square meters


Introduced German drum vulcanizer and took the lead in producing China's first batch of coiled rubber flooring


Shenzhen Dongfang Rubber & Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. formally acquired Meixian Rubber Factory and established Shaanxi Meixian Rubber Co., Ltd.


State-owned Shaanxi Meixian Rubber Factory was established